Our Mission

Our mission is to use our expertise to help our clients prevail in their efforts to produce excellent results. We dig into the difficult and deliver.

Why Choose Us

The six problem areas we address overlap and are linked by spatial-visual patterns.

Spatial-visual patterns, often difficult to perceive and harder to describe, even for architects, have significant impacts on human movement and perception/cognition.

Our multi-disciplinary approach and our award-winning methodology, shape-networks™, distinguishes us from the competition. Nobody else has this capability.

"These Guys Get It"

– Architect (and client) to the Vice-president of a large California real estate investment and development firm

Our Founder

After six years as a professor of architecture, in 1989 Dr. M. Gordon Brown started Space Analytics to diagnose and solve problems affecting owners and users.

I have published extensively and my approach has been successfully reviewed for Daubert compliance. Contact me at your early convenience.


Dr. M. Gordon Brown, Principal


"The domain of systematic, objective verification is by definition the domain of science."

Peter Huber in Galileo's Revenge: Junk Science in the Courtroom


Space Analytics is one of the top design analysis firms. We specialize in the relationships between human movement and covered and exposed built environments from the small scale of a sidewalk curb to building interiors and that of street systems. We have worked with investors, developers and other companies and with plaintiff and defense attorneys on four interconnected matters:

Architectural Copyright <br>and Trade Dress Infringements

Architectural Copyright
and Trade Dress Infringements

Tall buildings, luxury houses, custom-designed houses, malls, casinos, and multi-family dwellings.

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Public Space

Public Space

Disputes about peddling and vending, First Amendment public forum, anti-social behavior and Fifth Amendment eminent domain access takings.

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Design Satisfaction

Design Satisfaction

Factors in architecture, planning, site and urban design that inhibit functional and economic performance

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Premises Liability

Premises Liability

Cases about serious injuries and wrongful deaths from slip, trip and fall and pedestrian-driver-vehicle incidents.

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Dr. M. Gordon Brown started Space Analytics in 1989 to diagnose and solve problems affecting owners and users after six years as a professor of architecture....

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